Dawn in Fort Worth

Each day that dawns brings more Fort Worth activities to enjoy. What are you doing today? Photo by Brian Luenser.

This is your source for good information and honest opinions about things to do in Fort Worth that you may not know about. Not all Fort Worth music, art and recreational opportunities are well-promoted, and my goal is to help you find those things that only a longtime participant in the Fort Worth community knows about.

I’m Gip Plaster, a professional web content writer, and exploring Fort Worth is my favorite hobby.

I found out long ago that the local newspapers and websites don’t always know about everything that’s happening –and many of my friends don’t attend some of the best Fort Worth events because they don’t know about them. Now, it’s time to reveal Fort Worth’s best-kept secrets to the world.

These unique, quirky and undiscovered Fort Worth activities and events provide you with something worth seeing or worth doing in exchange for your time.

I add new posts whenever I have something new to say, but here’s what you can explore now:

Overlooked Venues, Events And Things To Do

Day Trips From Fort Worth

Other Resources

  • FWS Shorts, an ever-evolving list of more great things to do.


The following events previously featured on Fort Worth Secrets are no longer occurring:

Come Back Soon!

Check back often for more… and enjoy exploring Fort Worth.

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